Our laboratory design work, as well as the other services that we provide, are entirely aligned with internationally recognised standards. Our suppliers, too, invariably align their production work with these quality standards. The products that we source from various EU countries in particular, are no exception.

  • DIN 12000

    Graphic symbols and safety marking in laboratories

  • prEN 14056

    Laboratory furniture.
    Recommendations for design and installation

  • DIN 18355

    Joinery works

  • DIN 18360

    Metal construction works

  • EN 13150

    Laboratory benches

  • DIN 12925 Part 2

    Laboratory furniture
    Cupboards for pressure cylinders; safety requirements, testing

  • EN 14470 Part 1

    Fire safety storage cabinets
    Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids

  • prEN 14470

    Fire safety storage cabinets
    Part 2 - Safety storage cabinets for pressurised gas cylinders

  • DIN 12912

    Laboratory furniture
    ceramic tiles for laboratory bench tops

  • DIN 12915

    Laboratory furniture
    Sinks for laboratory benches

  • DIN 12916

    Laboratory furniture
    Large size tiles for laboratory bench tops

  • EN 14175 Part 1

    Fume cupboards

  • EN 14175 Part 2

    Fume cupboards
    Safety and performance requirements

  • EN 14175 Part 3

    Fume cupboards
    Type test methods

  • DIN 12899 Part 2

    Laboratory installations
    Emergency shower installations, eye showers, safety requirements, tests

  • DIN 12918 Part 1

    Laboratory equipment
    Laboratory fittings Part 1:
    Valves for water

  • DIN 12918 Part 2

    Laboratory equipment
    Laboratory fittings Part 2:
    Valves for fuel gases

  • EN 13792

    2002 Colour coding of taps and valves for use in laboratories

SetLab ®

Setlab® is a team of qualified engineers having built a track record of success in the fields of industrial, academic research and analysis laboratories.

The company is firmly established as a leader in its sector of activity - laboratory replica watches systems design and application.


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We have started operations in 
our London office
Setlab® fume cupboards have
obtained EN­14175 certification
Work continues on the laboratory
project of the Sölen Chocolates
plant in Gaziantep...
Our project on the Hacettepe University 
site has been completed: 
34 fume cupboards were delivered...
Our project on the University of Ankara 
site has been completed