Fume Cupboards

Fume cupboards are a laboratory's most important building block. They directly impact the laboratory and its staff''s safety. Which is why fume cupboards must hold EN 14175 certification.

Setlab ® branded EN 14175 certified products will provide laboratory staff with the safest work environment.



Fume cupboards are designed to limit exposure to toxic chemicals which may be found in laboratories. They are not designed for use with microorganisms. The suitable solution for biological experiments are microbiological safety cabinets.

The performance of fume cupboards depends on a set of clearly-defined factors:

  • EN 14175-compliant initial design and minimum standard requirements,
  • The positioning of fume cupboards relative to other equipment, local air flow and the space occupied by tenants inside the laboratory, and
  • The type of functions that fume cupboards are used for, and their subsequent ventilation.

The use of fume cupboards must be decided in accordance with risk analyses performed by professionals during the laboratory design process. Ventilated fume cupboards are suitable for use in most laboratories where chemicals are being used. Standard fume cupboards are, on the other hand, better adapted to lower-risk laboratory environments.For use with hydrofluoric, perchloric or hot concentrated mineral acids, it is necessary to resort to “high performance” fume cupboards.

Fume cupboards are not suitable for the storage of chemicals – experimental, or otherwise.

What is EN-14175?

Fume cupboards are the building blocks of laboratories.
Compliance to EN 14175 standards is a compulsory measure aimed at ensuring the safety of laboratory staff.

SETLAB ® branded fume cupboards have been granted EN 14175-3 certification upon successful completion of required EN 14175-3 test procedures.

Our fume cupboards also meet the safety requirements laid out in the EN14175-2 standard.
The EN 14175 standard consists of five parts:

  • 14175-1 - Definitions and dimensions
  • 14175-2 - Safety and efficiency
  • 14175-3 - Air velocity test procedures
  • 14175-4 - On-site testing
  • 14175-5 - Installation and maintenance recommendations
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Product Details

Airflow Control System: EN 14175-3

The control panel of our fume cupboards houses EN 14175-3-certified caliber measurement devices linked to air flow sensors which constantly monitor face velocity at 50cm sash opening and trigger audiovisual warnings whenever it is higher or lower than 0,5m/s.

Face velocity can be monitored digitally. Fan and lighting can be switched on/off, and the alarm can be muted.

Average Face Velocity

The optimal face velocity is 0,5m/s, at 50cm sash opening.
When used, the sash opening should not exceed 500mm, and face velocity should remain below 1m/s. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in toxic gas leaks caused by turbulences.


The sash is designed with a mechanism that enables its vertical movements and limits its opening to regular operating heights.

The sash stands still at the height of opening, which is easily adjustable. Safety is ensured via a built-in pulley system that is fixed to the aluminum frame. The sash is manufactured with blast resistant 5mm tempered or 6mm safety glass. Sash profiles are entirely made of electrostatic epoxy powder-coated aluminum.

Two safety reminders - “50 cm sash opening” and “Sash must be kept closed” - are labeled on sash windows to ensure EN 14175 compliance.

A sash stop prevents users from exceeding 50cm of sash opening. A suspension system (EN 14175-compliant) also protects users in the event of failure in the sash opening or associated cable systems.

Fume Cupboard Fan
Fan Selection

The recommended diameter for fume cupboard extract ducts is 200/250mm. These should be made of PVC. Flex PVC of 200/250 mm diameter may also be used for short spans if needed.

In order to ensure EN 14175-3 compliance, fume cupboard extract fans must secure 0,5m/s air velocity at 50cm sash opening, as well as be able to replace extracted air loads.


Model: Polypropylene-enclosed snail-shaped roof type fume cupboard fan.
Electricity: 380 V three-phase motor, 50 Hz, IP 55
Installation location: Extract ducting exits into the external environment.



The internal work surface of a fume cupboard is the area where chemical risk is the highest in a laboratory.
This is why we recommend the use of stoneware - a material that is known for having high chemical resistance (with the exception of HF).

Epoxy Resin

These worktops provide strong, 24-hour chemical and stain resistance. They are easily cleaned, fire-retardant, modern worktops that provide mechanic and chemical resistance.


Providing 24-hour chemical resistance, and high mechanic resistance, Glab is a compact material which is often preferred by laboratories that work with low-concentration corrosive chemicals.

DripCup – Stoneware

We can provide an integrated, 295x145x165mm-sized stoneware drip cup as an optional add-on to the fume cupboard.

These are moulded at the production plant and will provide maximum chemical resistance.

DripCup – Polypropylene

A 245x95x150mm-sized poypropylene drip cup is provided as part of our fume cupboard.
These are highly resistant to corrosion.

Control Valves

Water Control Valve and Nozzle

Fume cupboard water and gas control valves are colour-coded and produced with corrosive chemical-resistant ABS hard plastic in accordance with EN 13792:2000 norms.

Water control valves are DIN 12918-compliant, as are internal nozzles whose tips are removable to ensure DIN 12898 compliance.

Gas Control Valve and Nozzle

Gas control valves must be chosen according to the types of gases that fume cupboards will process.
All inert and flammable gas control valves are colour-coded in line with the EN 13792:2000 norm.

Gas control valves have a specific push/turn construction.

Mass flow: 13 labs/min at 3 bars of pressure
Test pressure: 9 bars/air
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bars
Epoxy powder coating: RAL 7035
Handle : PP
Standards ve Norms: EN13792:2000, DIN12898, DIN12918, ISO228/1

Electrical Installation

Provides a CE-documented, safe working environment with:
4x IP 44, 220V plug sockets,
1x36 Watts fluorescent lighting, and

2x16 Amps fusebox.
Setlab fume cupboards are CE-documented.

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